Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Nostalgic Night

Let me get this shit straight, it's over.

Sad news from Cebu City, one of my closest and oldest friend (Rey Benedict Duarte Salve) has broken ties with me. I may not be much of an emo but losing a real friend is hard. 

One thing that made this moment really hard is the fact the Rocky was my first friend in the batch of Pisay-CMC Juniors SY 2012-2013. As far as I want to turn things around,  some of them are not meant to be moved. After all, everything has its own limitations and I guess that was it.

I just want Rocky to know how much I have treasured him (that might have sounded a bit gay but I believe I really have to say what I need to say). As for me, he was my first friend who has stayed overnight in my house, he was also my first friend from Davao and the first friend of mine who have influenced me to really read fiction books. That is just the beginning of the list and there might be a lot of memories to treasure but I think its time to move now. It is just disappointing that I really don't know what the real reason for such turmoil is.

Oh well, yes that's it. Even the best of friends are temporary. I know that I have offended you in such manner that has changed your attitude toward me but I hope you know that it was not my intention.

In the end, thank you for the time and energy spent. This might signify an end but this also means renewal for you and me as well.

So long my dear friend!

Taking things heavy right now,