Friday, May 3, 2013

Initao: A Hidden Paradise

Truly, the Philippines is a beautiful country. Just last Wednesday (May 1), I was given a special opportunity to attend a family gethering of ushers of VCF (Victory Christian Fellowship). It was really such a well-planned activity not to mention that the activity was done on a holiday to accodomate the people's hectic schedules. But what really amazes me aside from the wide variety of food is the venue.

Don Arc, a beach resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental is really such a haven paradise. Aside from its distinct location which is quite far from the city, thus isolating you from the daily stress and noise, it also has a good beachfront. 

In here, you can find affordable prices for a holiday trip and the journey to the venue only takes 30 minutes, no wonder there are many people visiting this beacha and the carpark is always full.

Amazingly, Don Arc is not the only beach in town, believe it or not tens of beaches (Midway, Emeralda) line up the Initao white sand coastline. Here, tourists can enjoy different water activities such as snorkling, jetski riding and others. There is also plenty of restaurants that lines up along the highway which can give you a good variety of food courses. Truly, Initao is one of a kind. 

Aside from this, Initao does not only offer awesome coastlines and adventurous water activities, not far from the beaches is Lasang Secret Adventure Park, a protected area in which you can defnitely experience nature's amazing beauty. There are also a lot of activities that you can do such as zipline and walkways. For nature lovers, they will surely enjoy the unique combiation of the flora and fauna. 

It is definitely only right to say that Initao, a place which is not even mainstream name, has a lot of tourist spots to offer. But yet, its beauty is not yet fully optimized which I believe will be soon upon the opening of the Laguindingan International Airport. Hopefully more tourists would flock this places but for now, I would totally say that these tourist spots are still underrated. 

Well, for all people out there looking for a cheap yet exciting way to have your summer getaway, Initao is a great place to consider.

Happy summer!

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