Saturday, January 5, 2013

Insights About Cosplays


One word that I could totally say about cosplays. I mean, after having my first glimpse of what a cosplay is all about a while ago, thanks to my best friend Ian, I could not believe that I am suddenly making final changes to add Cosplay in SW. I mean, I was totally starstruck. They may not be professionals but who the hell cares, after all, they all look totally amazing.

So, ano ba talaga ang nagustuhan ko sa cosplay? Aside from their creative costumes and ingenious designs, I just like the way they take cosplay that serious. I mean, why would someone really care to spend that much on costumes? At isa pa sa Centrio talaga ginawa ang event, I mean that's an AYALA MALL my friend! I'm pretty much sure they did really invest in it. Marami pa talaga sa kanila ay first time nag-try yet they did a very good job! Aside from that it is just too awesome when you try to relive childhood.

I mean, many of the cosplayers did portray anime for children and teenager and it just gives me a good feeling when I think of all those tv series I watched (Samurai X, Hunter X Hunter, Ghostfighter, Flame of Recca, One Piece, Naruto, etc.). Although there are some that I haven't watched and are alien to me. I never regretted spending time watching that cosplay. For sure. despite of age and culture differences, every person would never want to miss having a chance of watching a cosplay even just once for their lifetime.

Even though I am really not an anime and cosplay fan, sa mga nag-present kanina meron talagang isa na nakapulot ng attention ko. I may not have the picture (wala pa, kapal kasi ng mukha kong magpa-picture sa kanya!) as of this moment but I want you to know him. I think most if not all knows the character, Kaito Shion. Sa lahat talaga, he was the one who penetrated me the most maybe because of the blue hair or super white make-up but all I know is he's awesome, second yung girl in all red ang suot with matching crown na may cross na sobrang cute at ang ganda rin niya.

Kaito Shion in the anime VOCALOID

Me with the girl all in red (sorry I don't know her name)

See the guy in the middle (that's who I am talking about)

Sorry for the low cam quality. (He's not smiling.. hmmff :)) 
Well he does not really smile, look and compare his picture at the top.

So to cap of all this, what can I say? Meron talagang mga gwapo at maganda na sandali mo lang sila makikita just like the two of them (the guy with blue hair and the woman all in red). You see them for a while and in a split second, wala na. Sandali lang, parang ang layo na natin, anyway, just watch a cosplay yourself and be captured by the beauty and magic it has to offer! One thing is for sure, this is not your cliche pageant or beauty contest!

Have a great day!



  1. I've never really cosplayed myself but I think that what's better than to watch someone else cosplay is if you are the one cosplaying. I'm sure nothing beats the feeling when you wear your favorite anime/cartoon character's clothing and feel like becoming the character himself/herself. It's as if you're portraying the character in your own way - like in roleplaying or some sort like that :-)

  2. I know right! I just hope I don't get intimidated by the crowd!

  3. HI jm~ As a cosplayer, I'm happy that you appreciate our efforts in this hobby of ours B)
    imma give a correction: Vocaloid is not an anime, it is a voice-synthesizing software from the awesome country of japan :) haha . you might want to explore more of it since you like kaito. and here's another kaito cosplayer: the famous kaname shiroboshi: