Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Lesson I Got from Stalking

They say the more of this and that (things that we like), the more happy we will be. I keep remembering way back then that I keep on hoping to have more money so that I will be more happy but now that I am now a teenager, I am just more of a bottomless pit. Asking and asking for more money but does not really achieve any contentment at all.

Well, being more happy when we get more thing that we like is not myth and it is true but real happiness is learning how to be contended in what we have. Last time, I was browsing thru net when I came across a Facebook page of this very cute and adorable person of my same age (if you are curious enough to know the name just private message me. lol) and something told me to browse his photos. Ok, I'm no stalker but  seeing from his recent posts and related comments from his friends malalaman mong bago lang siya nag-break up with his gf. So chikahan nalnag tayo? Ahaha

Anyway, moving on, I was in deep thought looking at his photos, not that he was single and gusto ko to know him better (hahaha) but one idea came to my mind. "Bakit ganun? Gwapo naman siya, he has a lot of followers and subscribers, marami siyang admirer, may-kaya at matalino yet he was in the brink of killing himself because of the break-up? Ano tong kagaguhan nato!?"

I was like:

Just then I realize, iba talaga pag-mamahalan! (aahaha) No. I mean seriously. They aren't even married yet, could he not find someone else (like me?) na mamahalin niya? The point is just this, when we keep on looking for something else na wala sa atin or wala pa sa atin, we overlook those blessings God gave us. Hindi naman talaga masama na mag-dream (just like what I always do) but most often we should not neglect the blessings around us. Malay mo may reason pala kung bakit nangyari yun kaya keep looking around, great things are around you.

Hay, this is my first entry in 2013 and I'm about to make this blog even more less serious. More exciting changes to come! Thank you for your continuous readership!

God bless everyone!



  1. yet again, a simple but amazing blog mr. Sepe :)

  2. Thanks for the continuing readership! :D More amazing posts to come, I promise.. HAHA

  3. Wow, this caught my attention XD