Sunday, December 30, 2012


I could hear the sound of the firecrackers and the sparking of the fireworks. I could see every household with tables decorated with 13 different kinds of round fruits. I guess you know what this means?

There is no mistake, it's page 366 of 366 again! But as we are about to close another chapter in our life, there is also no denying that another one opens. Life is just a matter of open and close opportunities and guess what, 2012 had just ended. And I'm very much happy to announce that the world did not end.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My First J.Co Experience

I had this one great experience to share that until it really bugs me off if I can't write about it.

Last time, when I was in Manila, I was really so thrilled to buy this J.Co (Its a doughnut brand) because first of all, I heard many good commentaries about it and I myself as as food lover, I want to taste something new different aside from Krispy Kreme and Gonuts Donuts. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

Bells are ringing, the lights are lighting, everyone is busy making preparations for the Noche Buena, indeed Christmas is in the air!

To all my colleagues, family, friends, folks and crushes, a merry Christmas to everyone! I am not writing this to ask gifts (but I know those who owe me one!), this is plainly a simple message for this yuletide season.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Youth in Nation Building

A few days ago, I had my first National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute experience in Baguio City and what can I say? I am speechless.

Speechless basically because too many interesting ideas popped into my head, speechless because I had a chance to interact with many of Philippines’ premier leaders, speechless because the climate of the venue had caused my lips to dry and lastly, speechless because, my mouth kept to be open when I see people in my left and in my right. Well that was too much of being speechless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chilly Expectations

Yup, a few days before my death defying and breath taking 3rd quarter examination, here I am in Cagayan de Oro waiting for my flight to Baguio City. That's right, I'm going to the summer capital of the Philippines during cold season and in the next few hours my foot would be stepping on the so praised city that has attracted many tourists worldwide.

Baguio City has always been one of my favorite dream places and in a few moment right now, it would all be a dream come true. But what is the real reason why I have to travel in such hectic schedule (remember my quarter exam is next week and there is a mass and Christmas parties too)? For real, I do not know the answer, I guess the conference just so happened to be marked on the dates 12/13-16/12 but one thing is for sure, I have to make this moment count not just as a tourist or a person but also as the president of the Supreme Council of Scholars.

Aside from the spectacular place, I have many expectations on the conference as well. I hope to meet and befriend many youth leaders from different campuses, I also pray that whatever I will learn in the seminar would be applied to our school and of course, I do kneel in front of God that I win the first prize for the extemporaneous speech!

So for now, so long my friends, as I enter this new place (for me) with enthusiasm. I do believe that this official travel will not only be a seminar but one of the most memorable events in my life!

Excited for the trip,


Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Believe is to See

Recently, I just watched this film "Rise of the Guardians" with my friends at Centrio (Ayala CDO). Aside from the fact that it was my first time to enter an Ayala cinema, the movie did really got me. Indeed, it was worth watching after all.

So what makes the cartoon movie showing fictional characters so special? Well, aside from the cute and handsome protagonist (Jack Frost), as what most people imply, and the amazing graphics it has, the message of the movie was really something worth noticing. To those who were able to watch the movie, good but for those who haven't, I recommend watching it and see for yourself what lesson it has prepared for you.

Yep, it's a movie intended for children but think about this concept, they (the children) could only see these characters (Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Jason Frost, etc.) if they actually believe in them. Same is true with us, only those who believe that there will be light at the end of tunnel, will actually see it. However, more often, we tend to see first then when we are convinced, we believe in it.

The story tells us a simple life protocol, a reminder and instruction on what to do. It is not good that we only believe once we saw it. In real life. sometimes we have to learn to put our trust and confidence first before things actually began to appear. This is what we call faith, being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Remember that people who expect and believe before they even have what they need will certainly have more chances of getting them than those who do not for if you set your mind on it then it could be achieved.

Always believe first and widen your imagination,


Friday, December 7, 2012

Reading Between the Lines

Being literal is good but knowing more than what the denotative meaning of things are is ingenious.

Last time, I had a subject whose topic was decrypting and and encrypting messages using mathematical matrices. At first I did not get the idea of doing it manually, after all there are computers that could do such job more efficiently, so why bother? Only then that I realize that sometimes we have to be keen of the things around us and decrypting messages would be one great way to start it over with.

In real life applications, not all secret messages can be demystified by computers sometimes humans have to analyze these problems themselves. Let me give a clear example, just like what happened in the recent Typhoon Bopha (Pablo), we can no longer deny the drastic changes occurring in our environment.The fact that at least one typhoon per year is entering the so called "typhoon-free" Mindanao for the last two years is not a joke. And I'm sure what is more to come is no laughing matter either. This is one of nature's way of sending its messages. Yet most people still disregard nature's desperate call for help.           

See, often times if not always, we are not sensitive to the things behind everything that is around us. This topic is not only because a typhoon has arrived but rather it includes even the daily challenges and problems we face. Knowing that we have a problem is good but taking a step further unto why it has occurred and how it can be prevented is another thing.

Always take time to read between the lines,