Friday, December 7, 2012

Reading Between the Lines

Being literal is good but knowing more than what the denotative meaning of things are is ingenious.

Last time, I had a subject whose topic was decrypting and and encrypting messages using mathematical matrices. At first I did not get the idea of doing it manually, after all there are computers that could do such job more efficiently, so why bother? Only then that I realize that sometimes we have to be keen of the things around us and decrypting messages would be one great way to start it over with.

In real life applications, not all secret messages can be demystified by computers sometimes humans have to analyze these problems themselves. Let me give a clear example, just like what happened in the recent Typhoon Bopha (Pablo), we can no longer deny the drastic changes occurring in our environment.The fact that at least one typhoon per year is entering the so called "typhoon-free" Mindanao for the last two years is not a joke. And I'm sure what is more to come is no laughing matter either. This is one of nature's way of sending its messages. Yet most people still disregard nature's desperate call for help.           

See, often times if not always, we are not sensitive to the things behind everything that is around us. This topic is not only because a typhoon has arrived but rather it includes even the daily challenges and problems we face. Knowing that we have a problem is good but taking a step further unto why it has occurred and how it can be prevented is another thing.

Always take time to read between the lines,


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