Thursday, November 15, 2012

Liabilities and Assets

Today, everyone wants to get rich, financially rich. In a normal household, it is common to hear the following:

"Magtipid na muna tayo, bawal na ang kumain sa labas o kaya ang sobrang gastos"

"Oi, patayin mo na ngayang computer, malaki na gastos natin sa kuryente!"

"Utang nanaman! Puro nalang utang, paano ba tayo yayaman niyan."

And here is a funny one:

"Lord, please naman umulan na sana ng pera wag lang coins!"

It is no doubt, today money is gasoline without money, you are going nowhere. They say good things can't be paid in cash. I say, well probably not all but majority are or maybe you don't know how to shop!

But it is quite sad to imagine that paper bill or cheques or bonds (fine you cards are included too) owns our souls in this modern era. We see people do stupid stuff for money, we can see people kill each other because of money, we even see people selling their own body just to have money! And who's to blame for this? We, the humans ourselves.

It is our own selfish desires that brought us to this situation. In fact, we always think that assets are those who only give us money and everything else are liability. But life is too short to count how much money the world have. Sometimes, we have to get out of this mindset that assets are only those with financial value. Living in the world thinking all about money will only lead us to depression, we have to consider other things in life. Not all assets necessarily have to be profitable. It should be taken into a subjective view.

So in this world full of unlimited resources, we have to overcome that fear of losing money. Yes, they are important but they should never be a hindrance to why we could not enjoy life. Life has a lot to offer than a pile of worthless paper or metals. After all, being truly rich is not just about accumulating money.

Live life without anxiety,


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