Friday, January 18, 2013

Just An Extraordinary Chemistry Class

Chemistry is just one of the most boring and hardest subjects (I mean that is my opinion ok, so deal with it!). Even though my mother is a chemist, somehow her aura does not seem to have gotten into me and I believe that there also a handful of people there who also feel indifferent with Chemistry. Anyway before proceeding, let me emphasize that its not about the teacher who is boring but rather the subject itself.

I was really about to give up on Chem when suddenly, times took a really big change during our first Chemistry class in 2013 last January 7 (Oh well this is really a very late post.). It's not because I suddenly had that feeling of admiration for Chem or perhaps a magical spell have been cast upon me so that I could easily understand the problems but rather our teacher had shared what I could consider as the best lecture ever, her life in College.
Well, I'm really not going into details but her experience with the poem "Desiderata" had really got my attention. It was a poem that I used to memorize in elementary and perhaps some of you are familiar with it (If you have not read it then I advise that you read it afterwards! Just click the picture above). It was not an English class though but she recited the poem and began relating Chemistry related objects with the values in the poem. Oh, what an amazing period! I was definitely amused listening to her. It was simply one of those great moments in human history when something boring magically turns into something interesting.

Now, even though her lecture still does not inspire that much to love Chem, at least there was a time in which  the subject was not just all about chemical equations and stoichiometry. And just like what she said before she went out, "With all its shams, drudgery  and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy."

Maybe Chemistry is one my broken dreams but oh, as it is well said, it is still a beautiful world. Don't give up when you don't understand what is happening and always don't forget to strive to be happy!

Be cheerful and thankful,


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