Sunday, December 30, 2012


I could hear the sound of the firecrackers and the sparking of the fireworks. I could see every household with tables decorated with 13 different kinds of round fruits. I guess you know what this means?

There is no mistake, it's page 366 of 366 again! But as we are about to close another chapter in our life, there is also no denying that another one opens. Life is just a matter of open and close opportunities and guess what, 2012 had just ended. And I'm very much happy to announce that the world did not end.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My First J.Co Experience

I had this one great experience to share that until it really bugs me off if I can't write about it.

Last time, when I was in Manila, I was really so thrilled to buy this J.Co (Its a doughnut brand) because first of all, I heard many good commentaries about it and I myself as as food lover, I want to taste something new different aside from Krispy Kreme and Gonuts Donuts. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

Bells are ringing, the lights are lighting, everyone is busy making preparations for the Noche Buena, indeed Christmas is in the air!

To all my colleagues, family, friends, folks and crushes, a merry Christmas to everyone! I am not writing this to ask gifts (but I know those who owe me one!), this is plainly a simple message for this yuletide season.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Youth in Nation Building

A few days ago, I had my first National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute experience in Baguio City and what can I say? I am speechless.

Speechless basically because too many interesting ideas popped into my head, speechless because I had a chance to interact with many of Philippines’ premier leaders, speechless because the climate of the venue had caused my lips to dry and lastly, speechless because, my mouth kept to be open when I see people in my left and in my right. Well that was too much of being speechless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chilly Expectations

Yup, a few days before my death defying and breath taking 3rd quarter examination, here I am in Cagayan de Oro waiting for my flight to Baguio City. That's right, I'm going to the summer capital of the Philippines during cold season and in the next few hours my foot would be stepping on the so praised city that has attracted many tourists worldwide.

Baguio City has always been one of my favorite dream places and in a few moment right now, it would all be a dream come true. But what is the real reason why I have to travel in such hectic schedule (remember my quarter exam is next week and there is a mass and Christmas parties too)? For real, I do not know the answer, I guess the conference just so happened to be marked on the dates 12/13-16/12 but one thing is for sure, I have to make this moment count not just as a tourist or a person but also as the president of the Supreme Council of Scholars.

Aside from the spectacular place, I have many expectations on the conference as well. I hope to meet and befriend many youth leaders from different campuses, I also pray that whatever I will learn in the seminar would be applied to our school and of course, I do kneel in front of God that I win the first prize for the extemporaneous speech!

So for now, so long my friends, as I enter this new place (for me) with enthusiasm. I do believe that this official travel will not only be a seminar but one of the most memorable events in my life!

Excited for the trip,


Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Believe is to See

Recently, I just watched this film "Rise of the Guardians" with my friends at Centrio (Ayala CDO). Aside from the fact that it was my first time to enter an Ayala cinema, the movie did really got me. Indeed, it was worth watching after all.

So what makes the cartoon movie showing fictional characters so special? Well, aside from the cute and handsome protagonist (Jack Frost), as what most people imply, and the amazing graphics it has, the message of the movie was really something worth noticing. To those who were able to watch the movie, good but for those who haven't, I recommend watching it and see for yourself what lesson it has prepared for you.

Yep, it's a movie intended for children but think about this concept, they (the children) could only see these characters (Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Jason Frost, etc.) if they actually believe in them. Same is true with us, only those who believe that there will be light at the end of tunnel, will actually see it. However, more often, we tend to see first then when we are convinced, we believe in it.

The story tells us a simple life protocol, a reminder and instruction on what to do. It is not good that we only believe once we saw it. In real life. sometimes we have to learn to put our trust and confidence first before things actually began to appear. This is what we call faith, being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Remember that people who expect and believe before they even have what they need will certainly have more chances of getting them than those who do not for if you set your mind on it then it could be achieved.

Always believe first and widen your imagination,


Friday, December 7, 2012

Reading Between the Lines

Being literal is good but knowing more than what the denotative meaning of things are is ingenious.

Last time, I had a subject whose topic was decrypting and and encrypting messages using mathematical matrices. At first I did not get the idea of doing it manually, after all there are computers that could do such job more efficiently, so why bother? Only then that I realize that sometimes we have to be keen of the things around us and decrypting messages would be one great way to start it over with.

In real life applications, not all secret messages can be demystified by computers sometimes humans have to analyze these problems themselves. Let me give a clear example, just like what happened in the recent Typhoon Bopha (Pablo), we can no longer deny the drastic changes occurring in our environment.The fact that at least one typhoon per year is entering the so called "typhoon-free" Mindanao for the last two years is not a joke. And I'm sure what is more to come is no laughing matter either. This is one of nature's way of sending its messages. Yet most people still disregard nature's desperate call for help.           

See, often times if not always, we are not sensitive to the things behind everything that is around us. This topic is not only because a typhoon has arrived but rather it includes even the daily challenges and problems we face. Knowing that we have a problem is good but taking a step further unto why it has occurred and how it can be prevented is another thing.

Always take time to read between the lines,


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Liabilities and Assets

Today, everyone wants to get rich, financially rich. In a normal household, it is common to hear the following:

"Magtipid na muna tayo, bawal na ang kumain sa labas o kaya ang sobrang gastos"

"Oi, patayin mo na ngayang computer, malaki na gastos natin sa kuryente!"

"Utang nanaman! Puro nalang utang, paano ba tayo yayaman niyan."

And here is a funny one:

"Lord, please naman umulan na sana ng pera wag lang coins!"

It is no doubt, today money is gasoline without money, you are going nowhere. They say good things can't be paid in cash. I say, well probably not all but majority are or maybe you don't know how to shop!

But it is quite sad to imagine that paper bill or cheques or bonds (fine you cards are included too) owns our souls in this modern era. We see people do stupid stuff for money, we can see people kill each other because of money, we even see people selling their own body just to have money! And who's to blame for this? We, the humans ourselves.

It is our own selfish desires that brought us to this situation. In fact, we always think that assets are those who only give us money and everything else are liability. But life is too short to count how much money the world have. Sometimes, we have to get out of this mindset that assets are only those with financial value. Living in the world thinking all about money will only lead us to depression, we have to consider other things in life. Not all assets necessarily have to be profitable. It should be taken into a subjective view.

So in this world full of unlimited resources, we have to overcome that fear of losing money. Yes, they are important but they should never be a hindrance to why we could not enjoy life. Life has a lot to offer than a pile of worthless paper or metals. After all, being truly rich is not just about accumulating money.

Live life without anxiety,


Monday, November 12, 2012

The Right Criteria

Never judge a book by its cover.

Last week, history was made when Tammy Baldwin was elected in the US Senate becoming the first openly gay politician to reach such rank. This milestone portrays the how liberal the US is regarding this issue however in the Philippines, recent survey estimates that more than half of the Filipinos have negative attitude toward homosexuality.

Personally, I find this result very disappointing. Filipinos are yet to be open minded of the world outside the box called religion. As a matter of fact, homosexuals in the Philippines are constantly criticized and condemned not only by the church but by their fellow peers as well. Gays have become victims of aging traditions and culture. And in the end, many suffer emotional distress due to lack of societal acceptance.

Now this issue is really bugging me off, what difference will it make if someone is hetero or not? Will he's capabilities and talents be affected by his sexuality? Can he no longer be of use to the society because of the choice he made? It is only this bias mindset of us that makes it all difficult to accept such ideology. But if we only widen our perspective we will be able to see that sexuality has nothing to do with performance, it does not depict the worth of a person.

As far as I am concerned, people must stop judging gays as useless and salot. Many of them has different stories to tell. They too have feelings. Sa totoo nga, marami ring bakla ang dapat hangaan. We should always keep in mind that sexuality is never a criteria in judging people, personality is. After all. being straight does not assure anyone of success and happiness but having the right personality does.

Telling the world what I see is true,


Friday, November 9, 2012

Mind Over Matter

Moving on.

In this world of trickery and madness, no one can afford to make mistakes.

Sometimes life can offer us the most deceiving things we can ever imagine. Just imagine a worm infested apple coated with gold. The idea might sound simple but the sad fact is these beguiling challenges are not always that easy to determine.

That is why in this damn world, we have to use our mind in making decisions. We can't let our feelings take control of us.We should not enclose ourselves in a box. We should live beyond what we can see, hear, feel and touch. There is more to life than these.

We must always remember that in our hands lies the power to our future and if we don't make the right decisions now, chances are we will be paying the consequences in the long run. No matter how difficult things are we should not be misled by what we feel. Marami ang namamatay sa maling akala.

So as much as possible, in all occasions, we must consider thinking twice and not let our hearts just rule out. We have to mature in our actions and thoughts. In this growing world, we simply cannot afford to raise a generation of emotic and lenient people.

Always remember, it should be mind over matter.

Keep that mind open,


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Nostalgic Night

Let me get this shit straight, it's over.

Sad news from Cebu City, one of my closest and oldest friend (Rey Benedict Duarte Salve) has broken ties with me. I may not be much of an emo but losing a real friend is hard. 

One thing that made this moment really hard is the fact the Rocky was my first friend in the batch of Pisay-CMC Juniors SY 2012-2013. As far as I want to turn things around,  some of them are not meant to be moved. After all, everything has its own limitations and I guess that was it.

I just want Rocky to know how much I have treasured him (that might have sounded a bit gay but I believe I really have to say what I need to say). As for me, he was my first friend who has stayed overnight in my house, he was also my first friend from Davao and the first friend of mine who have influenced me to really read fiction books. That is just the beginning of the list and there might be a lot of memories to treasure but I think its time to move now. It is just disappointing that I really don't know what the real reason for such turmoil is.

Oh well, yes that's it. Even the best of friends are temporary. I know that I have offended you in such manner that has changed your attitude toward me but I hope you know that it was not my intention.

In the end, thank you for the time and energy spent. This might signify an end but this also means renewal for you and me as well.

So long my dear friend!

Taking things heavy right now,


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Art Thou?

Ok, I have a bit of a good news. I am finally done with my research data gathering which actually constitutes 50% of my research. And whats more amazing is that it was finished in a day! Thank God for this. However, I guess my being so keen observer (himantayon in bisaya) got a glimpse what could possibly be a bigger research compared to the one I am currently doing.

First of all, I do not hate the government but I not their fan either. Late this morning, I was a bit disappointed (again) on how our Department of Health operates their system. I got a bit stranded in Villanueva because the head of their municipal health office is currently in a business trip together with the mayor to Cagayan de Oro City to visit some health offices. Because of this I waited nearly three hours just to be able to get the confirmation that I was allowed to take the data I need and mind me it was thru text that she confirmed. 

Also, earlier that moment, I was in Jasaan conducting the same data gathering and by a strike of luck and coincidence, the head of their municipal health office is also gone and this time she was in Manila for a conference. However, it was not a blockage to their service and in less than an hour I got the data I need for my research.

So now, I am asking myself how can one municipality provide me the information in a swift manner while the other one takes so much time given the fact that both their heads are gone? It is really a sad tale but it can be clearly seen that many government officers (not just DoH) are out of focus and lacks initiative. Hey, people in their let me remind that you all should be service oriented. One nurse, working in the Villanueva  health center, even reprimanded me why I asked her co-employees not her about this matter. Man, what a shame, you mean only you, knows how this health center operate and the others do not? Tsk. tsk. tsk.

I just hope that next time the government should do something to improve the quality of their service. Sometimes people tend to blame our technology and resources (the nurse keeps on telling me that Jasaan is different because they have a hospital that's why their processing of their data is faster) why service is poor but in reality it is poor because the workers itself are not putting into heart what they should be doing. Being a public servant or employee mens that you are to serve your fellow countrymen with all your passion and commitment. If you don't want to do it then I have a good work plan for you: QUIT AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Hoping for a much better government employees next time,


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Great Myth

Let me just spank this on your face, "Nothing that lasts comes easy, you always have to pay the price."

I am mad, totally mad. I am mad because the pair of shoes that I just recently bought got, let's just say that it got itself a little self destruction. So, reflection? Don't buy counterfeit products buy the original ones for they are the one who holds real quality. Don't mind the price after all its worth it. That I will guarantee.

Funny, because I find this one not only applicable to buying shoes but rather in every aspect of a man's life. Reality is, quality comes in a price, one must work harder to achieve something more magnificent in his lifetime. Truly, life is really complicated and hard but if we want real things in life then we must not give up. Its all in a matter of perspective.

So I'm busting this great myth that everything comes easily. That is not true! Life is full of colorful challenges and trials and when one tries to induce more strength, the more he will be able to traverse the sea of life and reach further places. Remember, a man who never suffered has either not lived oir has nbor done anything in his lifetime. We can always try to cheat other people by doing little instead of doing what we should do but we can never cheat nature. At the end of the day, the person who sow little will also reap little.

At first it maybe hard to accept because of what burdens we may be carrying right now. Sometimes we tend to compromise things because of different reasons. But here is one big tip, don't make your life cheap strive for real success.

Being happy is a choice not a natural process,


Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

I have a bad news for you, your days are counted. Even as you read this essay, time is running out.

Don't worry I feel the same threat. Sometimes, when walking in front of church, I would just pray hoping that I won't die or I would be given another life in earth. However, I know this wouldn't happen for death is always the greatest equalizer of every creature in earth. It will always serve as a reminder of how vulnerable we always are.

Yesterday, I came across my FB wall and Tumblr dashboard where I saw pictures of what the society has become. I am in no position to judge but my mind was shouting, "For goodness sake! Where in hell are we we?". I was really disappointed about what is happening. I really don't give a damn where you are at the side of the bed, whether you are in black or white. But the concept of YOLO is not for you to make an ass out of yourself but rather to go out and do something with your life that matters. 

When I say doing some things that matter, I do not put you in a box. I am in no position to judge you about what matters the most for you. We all have our different paradigms and priorities. We all have the freedom to decide what to do, the only thing is that we only live once in this planet and let us make this world a better place for the next generation. Remember, we are not the only inhabitants of this world and whatever we do to will surely have an impact tomorrow.  

So before the sand of time dry up, make a big move right now and do things that really matter the most. It doesn't matter if people will hate you for that, who are they to judge you? We may have different perspective and beliefs but one thing is for sure, we only have one life to live and let us live that life to the fullest!

Yeeeha! Got to go and live my life,


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disadvantage of Technicalities

Last week a has little colloquy with a friend of mine and our topic? Report Cards.

For us high school students, reports cards are really important for they are like credit cards, if it has good grades then off we can a lot things and everything seems to be fine but then when the red stain comes in, expect hell in earth just like receiving a bill where in the credit limit has been breached.

As childish as it is, it happens everywhere. Where in man's capabilities are bounded by what is written in a paper. Examples of these are resumes, transcripts, income tax returns, statement of assets and liabilities and etc. All of these paper are used to either measure one's talent, resources and  whatever that this society has seemed to accept as measurable.

There is no problem about this systematic way of identification and information processing but too much relying on these matters is not enough and in fact, this system will never be enough. Why? because relying too much on what is given is not humanistic at all. No amount of paperworks will ever measure the value of that person. Also another fact is that these technicalities are not always true at all times. If a person is smart enough he could cheat his way out of the problem by simply changing facts in his whatever document is that.

Just like the report card, whatever written on it is just a mere representation of the truth. It does not mean that when one has a failing mark he is dumb for there are several factors that should be studied first. It may encompass truth but in totality it will never be enough to quantify a person. Technicalities has indeed a very big disadvantage, it steals a person of its potential for it quickly makes a conclusion without even trying to resort on really analyzing the person.  

So whatever document you have right now, throw them away (ooops. not literally). I mean throw the concept that these paraphernalia you have are enough to describe you, wherever you are right now. It takes more than one sheet of paper to tell you you're value.

 Keep believing in your potentials,


Monday, August 20, 2012

A Different Kind of Love

What is love? Ok, let me get that back for I know you can come up with a thousand if not a million definitions. But honestly, love is the most overused word in the English dictionary. Even if we are not sure if  it is really love we tend to generalize and conclude that what we feel is love.
"Nakakita ka lang ng babae na maganda sa unang pagkakataon - pare mahal ko na siya!"
(You saw a beautiful girl for the first time - man, I'm in love.)
Remember, love is different from lust. Also love is different from infatuation and crush. 

So what is point? Love is something abstract that could not be defined by words but can manifest through actions. It is unfair to say that only couples experience love for a mother and son relationship also depict the same type of love. Also, love is not limited to opposite sex just like what the norm is. Examples of love between same gender are brothers and father-son. However, there is a big difference between sexual desire and love, these two things do not intersect at all. It does not mean that love always need to accompanied by sex and that having sex means you love that person. In this matter, homosexuality (sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex is something that could not be justified. For different people they might accept this culture but for Christians this concept is a sin.

So as it might shock a lot of people, there is basically nothing wrong about loving your fellow "gender mate" but when sexual desire comes in there is something wrong going on. A different kind of love toward your same sex is still love and should not be confused with other desires. As long as it is love in its boundaries, there is nothing wrong about it. Love in itself is amoral. But it also means that we have to be prudent enough of what we really feel. It might be that everything in the world is good but for sure not everything is beneficial and glorifying to God.

Keep that mind open,


Sunday, August 19, 2012

God is Able

Whether you like it or not, it is everywhere. It is in you, it is in your family and even in your neighbor whom you find so noisy every night. As a matter of fact, we all have it, we are just afraid to face them, afraid to challenge our problems.

As far as reality is concerned, life is always accompanied by troubles and hardship, there is no such thing as storm-free. Even Christianity does not assure a life of no problems. But there is a good news, there is always a way out in every problem that we face and that is faith in God that He will get us out of where we are.

As much as our pride cannot accept help from others, it is also the same pride that makes us stay in the mud we are in. The first key in solving our problems is accepting the fact that we cannot solve it in our own. Only then will  be able to see how God's glory move in our lives. We have to focus ourselves on what God can do, let us not magnify the problem for God does not fit in a box.

Another thing is that we should believe in the right words. During our problems, we would always be deceived by what we can see, hear or read. But we don't have to look things at our perspective. The fight is only not ours. We should listen to what is true and not what is common. We should be bold enough to take a move for the opposite of faith is not doubt but fear, fear of making a difference.

Remember, God never allows any obstacle that we could not conquer, so rise up and be victorious in that fight of faith. Live a life to the fullest.

God is able,


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long Weekend!


Ok, now I know what yahoo feels. :D

Anyway, the long weekend has finally arrived after the tenacious moments (UPCAT-Quarter Exam-Kasadya). However, I really don't know if I should call it a vacation. It might be a long weekend but the paperworks have also been extended. But all in all, I should maybe need to find time for fun. So, if you are ready and vacant please pm me about our plans for this weekend, I am available on Monday. For real, I really need to get the hell out of this house! Let's get the party rocking.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome Note

Oh well.

This blog is not new. It is only a continuation of my former blog (which I had already deleted, so don't bother searching for it), for my other nonsense webpage click here.

To start off. Let me ask this monotonous question.

"Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?"

As far as I am concerned, I don't give a damn. After all, I would not be getting any richer if I know the answer. Why, will you? (If yes, don't forget me when you get rich!) That is just a ticker for my blog, just trying to catch your attention.

So, as you continue visiting my blog expect the unexpected. Hopefully I can post here a lot. (Hey its not easy being a high student, you know.)

Ciao until we meet again.

"Keep smiling for the sun will surely rise, even if you do not know it."