Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

I have a bad news for you, your days are counted. Even as you read this essay, time is running out.

Don't worry I feel the same threat. Sometimes, when walking in front of church, I would just pray hoping that I won't die or I would be given another life in earth. However, I know this wouldn't happen for death is always the greatest equalizer of every creature in earth. It will always serve as a reminder of how vulnerable we always are.

Yesterday, I came across my FB wall and Tumblr dashboard where I saw pictures of what the society has become. I am in no position to judge but my mind was shouting, "For goodness sake! Where in hell are we we?". I was really disappointed about what is happening. I really don't give a damn where you are at the side of the bed, whether you are in black or white. But the concept of YOLO is not for you to make an ass out of yourself but rather to go out and do something with your life that matters. 

When I say doing some things that matter, I do not put you in a box. I am in no position to judge you about what matters the most for you. We all have our different paradigms and priorities. We all have the freedom to decide what to do, the only thing is that we only live once in this planet and let us make this world a better place for the next generation. Remember, we are not the only inhabitants of this world and whatever we do to will surely have an impact tomorrow.  

So before the sand of time dry up, make a big move right now and do things that really matter the most. It doesn't matter if people will hate you for that, who are they to judge you? We may have different perspective and beliefs but one thing is for sure, we only have one life to live and let us live that life to the fullest!

Yeeeha! Got to go and live my life,


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