Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Great Myth

Let me just spank this on your face, "Nothing that lasts comes easy, you always have to pay the price."

I am mad, totally mad. I am mad because the pair of shoes that I just recently bought got, let's just say that it got itself a little self destruction. So, reflection? Don't buy counterfeit products buy the original ones for they are the one who holds real quality. Don't mind the price after all its worth it. That I will guarantee.

Funny, because I find this one not only applicable to buying shoes but rather in every aspect of a man's life. Reality is, quality comes in a price, one must work harder to achieve something more magnificent in his lifetime. Truly, life is really complicated and hard but if we want real things in life then we must not give up. Its all in a matter of perspective.

So I'm busting this great myth that everything comes easily. That is not true! Life is full of colorful challenges and trials and when one tries to induce more strength, the more he will be able to traverse the sea of life and reach further places. Remember, a man who never suffered has either not lived oir has nbor done anything in his lifetime. We can always try to cheat other people by doing little instead of doing what we should do but we can never cheat nature. At the end of the day, the person who sow little will also reap little.

At first it maybe hard to accept because of what burdens we may be carrying right now. Sometimes we tend to compromise things because of different reasons. But here is one big tip, don't make your life cheap strive for real success.

Being happy is a choice not a natural process,


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