Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disadvantage of Technicalities

Last week a has little colloquy with a friend of mine and our topic? Report Cards.

For us high school students, reports cards are really important for they are like credit cards, if it has good grades then off we can a lot things and everything seems to be fine but then when the red stain comes in, expect hell in earth just like receiving a bill where in the credit limit has been breached.

As childish as it is, it happens everywhere. Where in man's capabilities are bounded by what is written in a paper. Examples of these are resumes, transcripts, income tax returns, statement of assets and liabilities and etc. All of these paper are used to either measure one's talent, resources and  whatever that this society has seemed to accept as measurable.

There is no problem about this systematic way of identification and information processing but too much relying on these matters is not enough and in fact, this system will never be enough. Why? because relying too much on what is given is not humanistic at all. No amount of paperworks will ever measure the value of that person. Also another fact is that these technicalities are not always true at all times. If a person is smart enough he could cheat his way out of the problem by simply changing facts in his whatever document is that.

Just like the report card, whatever written on it is just a mere representation of the truth. It does not mean that when one has a failing mark he is dumb for there are several factors that should be studied first. It may encompass truth but in totality it will never be enough to quantify a person. Technicalities has indeed a very big disadvantage, it steals a person of its potential for it quickly makes a conclusion without even trying to resort on really analyzing the person.  

So whatever document you have right now, throw them away (ooops. not literally). I mean throw the concept that these paraphernalia you have are enough to describe you, wherever you are right now. It takes more than one sheet of paper to tell you you're value.

 Keep believing in your potentials,


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