Thursday, November 15, 2012

Liabilities and Assets

Today, everyone wants to get rich, financially rich. In a normal household, it is common to hear the following:

"Magtipid na muna tayo, bawal na ang kumain sa labas o kaya ang sobrang gastos"

"Oi, patayin mo na ngayang computer, malaki na gastos natin sa kuryente!"

"Utang nanaman! Puro nalang utang, paano ba tayo yayaman niyan."

And here is a funny one:

"Lord, please naman umulan na sana ng pera wag lang coins!"

It is no doubt, today money is gasoline without money, you are going nowhere. They say good things can't be paid in cash. I say, well probably not all but majority are or maybe you don't know how to shop!

But it is quite sad to imagine that paper bill or cheques or bonds (fine you cards are included too) owns our souls in this modern era. We see people do stupid stuff for money, we can see people kill each other because of money, we even see people selling their own body just to have money! And who's to blame for this? We, the humans ourselves.

It is our own selfish desires that brought us to this situation. In fact, we always think that assets are those who only give us money and everything else are liability. But life is too short to count how much money the world have. Sometimes, we have to get out of this mindset that assets are only those with financial value. Living in the world thinking all about money will only lead us to depression, we have to consider other things in life. Not all assets necessarily have to be profitable. It should be taken into a subjective view.

So in this world full of unlimited resources, we have to overcome that fear of losing money. Yes, they are important but they should never be a hindrance to why we could not enjoy life. Life has a lot to offer than a pile of worthless paper or metals. After all, being truly rich is not just about accumulating money.

Live life without anxiety,


Monday, November 12, 2012

The Right Criteria

Never judge a book by its cover.

Last week, history was made when Tammy Baldwin was elected in the US Senate becoming the first openly gay politician to reach such rank. This milestone portrays the how liberal the US is regarding this issue however in the Philippines, recent survey estimates that more than half of the Filipinos have negative attitude toward homosexuality.

Personally, I find this result very disappointing. Filipinos are yet to be open minded of the world outside the box called religion. As a matter of fact, homosexuals in the Philippines are constantly criticized and condemned not only by the church but by their fellow peers as well. Gays have become victims of aging traditions and culture. And in the end, many suffer emotional distress due to lack of societal acceptance.

Now this issue is really bugging me off, what difference will it make if someone is hetero or not? Will he's capabilities and talents be affected by his sexuality? Can he no longer be of use to the society because of the choice he made? It is only this bias mindset of us that makes it all difficult to accept such ideology. But if we only widen our perspective we will be able to see that sexuality has nothing to do with performance, it does not depict the worth of a person.

As far as I am concerned, people must stop judging gays as useless and salot. Many of them has different stories to tell. They too have feelings. Sa totoo nga, marami ring bakla ang dapat hangaan. We should always keep in mind that sexuality is never a criteria in judging people, personality is. After all. being straight does not assure anyone of success and happiness but having the right personality does.

Telling the world what I see is true,


Friday, November 9, 2012

Mind Over Matter

Moving on.

In this world of trickery and madness, no one can afford to make mistakes.

Sometimes life can offer us the most deceiving things we can ever imagine. Just imagine a worm infested apple coated with gold. The idea might sound simple but the sad fact is these beguiling challenges are not always that easy to determine.

That is why in this damn world, we have to use our mind in making decisions. We can't let our feelings take control of us.We should not enclose ourselves in a box. We should live beyond what we can see, hear, feel and touch. There is more to life than these.

We must always remember that in our hands lies the power to our future and if we don't make the right decisions now, chances are we will be paying the consequences in the long run. No matter how difficult things are we should not be misled by what we feel. Marami ang namamatay sa maling akala.

So as much as possible, in all occasions, we must consider thinking twice and not let our hearts just rule out. We have to mature in our actions and thoughts. In this growing world, we simply cannot afford to raise a generation of emotic and lenient people.

Always remember, it should be mind over matter.

Keep that mind open,