Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Kurobas Fever

A few months ago, way back when I was in high school, I got a chance to watch this anime with the help of my friend, Yustin. Well, I wasn't really exactly sure why I was watching it but for some reason, I was just simply letting time past. So, fast forward to present, I happen to have another chance of watching it again but this time from the start and guess what, I instantly became one of the thousands of people infected with this Kurobas fever.

So, what exactly is this Kurobas fever? I guess this photo will do. (Hey, all photo in this post belongs to their respective owners.)

Kurobas, a shortcut of Kuroko no Basket (The Basketball that Kuroko plays, English translation) is a Japanese manga (obviously) that tales a story of high school student and basketball player named Kuroko (duh, it's the title and he's the protagonist of the story, btw) and their team (Seirin) find its way to the nationals and become Japan's number one basketball team. 

So what exactly do I like about this manga, aside from the superb twist of humor, drama, adventure and weird ideas, I admire Kuroko's principles about playing basketball. Well, if you have not read manga or even watched the anime, I guess you would not be able to relate much and that is why I am encouraging you too read this one. I swear, it will really be worth it! It's not like any other anime out there (oops. I did not mean that. :D 

Also, I like the concept of the Generation of Miracles a.k.a GoM (well, let me explain it for you, it how the people call the basketball team, Kuroko was in during his junior high. They got the title because no one during their time could defeat them). It kinda reminded me of my high school memories where everyone was so individually talented and that forming a team was so chaotic. (Pisayers, you have to admit that it was really difficult to work together especially group activities.). The six members of the GoM are: 

So after middle school, all of them transferred to different schools. Kuroko enrolled in Seirin High where he met Kagami and vowed to help him defeat the other five members of the GoM, his former teammates. For what reason? Read the manga! 

Well, I won't be saying much now or else I would be spoiling you guys of the story. But I will leave with this one sentence.

"You better watch the season 1 now for season 2 will come out in October!"

Well, I am not an anime expert but for sure, this anime is worth a watch. I hope you do read the manga or watch the anime. Sayonara.

Amazed reader and viewer,

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