Sunday, August 25, 2013


I was surfing through the net some time ago when I suddenly came across the news about Janet Lim Napoles. At first, I was hesitant to give my view, the case was just starting, there was even no warrant of arrest for her that time so even though I have this feeling that this is another big political scandal, I decided to give her a chance to prove her innocence. But then I was shocked by how the events suddenly slowly evolved and to make the long story short, now, the government is looking for this very infamous woman who is being charged with corruption and tax evasion.

In most cases, people would only chose to focus at Janet Napoles, after all it is only logical, she was the concrete example of someone stealing from the kaban ng bayan through the Philippine Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) aka pork barrel. But as I continue to research regarding this growing dilemma, one thing crossed my mind, how come the government officials who was giving money to Napoles' ghost NGO and projects did not even bother to check where the money of the Filipino people are going to? This case should simply not focus about the PDAF and how crooked the system is but importantly on the transparency and accountability of our government leaders, themselves.

Now that PNoy has announced the abolition of the PDAF system, I, myself, is happy at his decision but this should not be end of it all because whether there is a pork barrel or not, some lawmakers are really good sa pagiging baboy. The current government should not only focused in making a new system for budgeting because it is not an assurance that it will be corruption free but rather they should be more keen in auditing every single cent that goes outside the wallet of this nation.

As a concerned citizen, it is really depressing to see that the money intended for the country only goes to the purse of some selected individuals. Although corruption has been there since immemorial, this does not justify that such practice is correct and this current government should really try their best to avoid it, after all isn't it what PNoy meant when he talked about his tuwid na daan? Should the Philippines decide to go to the next level, sacrifices must made and if it means to remove corrupt officials and strengthen auditing processes, then it must be made.

Now, going back to the issue, I hope they find Janet Napoles, she must pay for all her wrongdoings, if treacherous people like her will keep on escaping punishment then the more there will be cheaters. Also, those people who are linked to this scam must also received their appropriate sanctions, sabi nga nila, all for one, one for all, so sama-sama kayong magbayad ng kasalanan niyo. And one last thing, hey Janet this where we want our money to go! (While researching about this topic, I also happened to came across this from my friend's Facebook account.) 

Corruption does not only begin when you are in a position, it begins at home. If the country wants a next generation of honest politicians, truthful professionals and business people with integrity then I believe, parents and guardians should also do their job in teaching them what is right and wrong.

Hoping for a better country with lesser corruption and more progress.


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