Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zamboanga City Standoff

Declare war now and annihilate the rebels before this crisis gets worse. This will be my word to PNoy.

I do not know if the government is blind but this case is now becoming more complicated and the current administration should better do something now or they will regret the results later. Last night, I stare in despair as I learned that Zamboanga City was under attack by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). At first, I thought it was a simple act of terrorism but later this morning I realized I was wrong, they had the whole Zamboanga City shut down.

People were locked up in their houses, businesses are close, flights have been cancelled, to put in one single sentence, the whole economic system of Zamboanga City is in vain. News of people dying and being taken hostages are being renewed everyday and the number of people affected by this crisis is increasing as you even read this essay. Even news reports of civilians being used by MNLF as human shield is spreading. So, PNoy, what are you up to now? Are you letting this pass again?

As a Mindanaoan myself, I could help but be involved about this case. The recent bombing in Cagayan de Oro and Cotabato City was already enough to make me shiver but this, this is totally a different case. It is no longer just threatening people, this is already a war, just one step away from a civil war. And chances are, it is not just Zamboanga City but it is the whole island of Mindanao is at stake. People living in Mindanao, no even those around the Philippines should wake up to the reality that if this problem escalates, they better forget about their current life because the worst has yet to come.

The conflict between MNLF and the government is not new to me but this current scenario had by no doubt showed one error of the past administrations. All of them has been doing the same thing again and again but they all are expecting different results - negotiating futile peace talks.This time, I believe there is no more room for peace talks, this act of treason is enough for the government to revise their older plans. The only way out of this problem is simply removing the problem and that is eliminating and disbanding the MILF. After all, at the end of the road, it is not only the present that is at stake but also the future and I hope the government will make the wisest decision regarding this matter.

Praying for peace in Mindanao and wisdom to the current administration.


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