Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Taste of Collge

I would really like to apologize for another late post. I have been really quite doing a lot of stuff around plus the fact that we do not have an internet connection for the rest of the month and counting. But I will really try my best to post every Wednesday. Cheerios!

So, who says real life starts after school? Baka! Although the reasoning is quite correct, I believe real challenges start at college (although, real life challenges really starts when we are born. -_-). So, now that I finally made it to a new phase of my life, I guess the real battle for self development has only began.

So now I spilled it. Yeah, I'm in college and so what? For some, they think of college as only an extension of the Philippine's gruesome educational system and for a selected group of people, they take it as a part of their lifestyle, yun bang ilang taon na sa college at sanay nang palaging nag-shishift ng gears :D Well, that is totally not the point, to be honest getting into college is not a easy and surviving it is not easier either. Aside from taking it for granted, we should just take it as period for self awareness and development.

So so much for the drama. I am now currently enrolled in Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, and I am proud of my school (stand ovation) Thank you very much. It was actually a last minute decision but I am relieved for I know it is God who ordained me to study here. BTW, I am taking up BS Mathematics. Do not worry, you read that right, BS Mathematics. (No backing this time! T.T)

So we are six freshmen taking up BS Math, the only woman is a former classmate of mine in elementary, the others? They are just new found people, DUH.

Well, not to worry though (for now). I have a lot of block mates from other courses as well but soon we have to part ways. :(

Also, in my one month of college life, I realized that waiting for the next class (especially those times when first class ends at 10am and the other starts at 3pm >.<) can only lead to two things, it is either tiresome or expensive. And with high school students currently sharing the campus with us, I don't think so I still have to describe how our canteen looks every now and then. Well anyway, most of the times, I rest near the field and this is my favorite campus view. SO GREEN!

I also like this image though! :P

Well anyway, before I forget, thanks to everyone who made my orsem experience awesome! I am looking forward for the next activity. And lastly, if there is one thing that I enjoy (for the lack of better term) that is perhaps the moment where we have to transfer classmates every class, walking from building to building, 4 floors down, 50 meters apart and 5 floors up! Well, but that was totally worth it after all not everyone gets to have a share of their exercise daily! :3

So let me just end this one right now but do not worry, I'll keep posting about my college experience soon. Challenges are coming but I know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Pahabol! A short reunion of me and my mentor way back in Pisay! He's now a 4th year Chem Eng student in Xavier. Just like old times. Right? At least, I know some Pisayers studying in XU or else it would really be lonely. T.T

I guess that's really it. Arriba!


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