Monday, August 20, 2012

A Different Kind of Love

What is love? Ok, let me get that back for I know you can come up with a thousand if not a million definitions. But honestly, love is the most overused word in the English dictionary. Even if we are not sure if  it is really love we tend to generalize and conclude that what we feel is love.
"Nakakita ka lang ng babae na maganda sa unang pagkakataon - pare mahal ko na siya!"
(You saw a beautiful girl for the first time - man, I'm in love.)
Remember, love is different from lust. Also love is different from infatuation and crush. 

So what is point? Love is something abstract that could not be defined by words but can manifest through actions. It is unfair to say that only couples experience love for a mother and son relationship also depict the same type of love. Also, love is not limited to opposite sex just like what the norm is. Examples of love between same gender are brothers and father-son. However, there is a big difference between sexual desire and love, these two things do not intersect at all. It does not mean that love always need to accompanied by sex and that having sex means you love that person. In this matter, homosexuality (sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex is something that could not be justified. For different people they might accept this culture but for Christians this concept is a sin.

So as it might shock a lot of people, there is basically nothing wrong about loving your fellow "gender mate" but when sexual desire comes in there is something wrong going on. A different kind of love toward your same sex is still love and should not be confused with other desires. As long as it is love in its boundaries, there is nothing wrong about it. Love in itself is amoral. But it also means that we have to be prudent enough of what we really feel. It might be that everything in the world is good but for sure not everything is beneficial and glorifying to God.

Keep that mind open,



  1. Wow....feel na feel mo huh...It's not easy to discuss that same sex is forbidden without the Bible. Human right and choice is purely man's call.

  2. Yeah, did I forget something? All of these is written in a Christian perspective. Do I really have to quote biblical writings? Anyway could you please define human right, for I find that rather to broad. How far can a human right be called human right?