Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Art Thou?

Ok, I have a bit of a good news. I am finally done with my research data gathering which actually constitutes 50% of my research. And whats more amazing is that it was finished in a day! Thank God for this. However, I guess my being so keen observer (himantayon in bisaya) got a glimpse what could possibly be a bigger research compared to the one I am currently doing.

First of all, I do not hate the government but I not their fan either. Late this morning, I was a bit disappointed (again) on how our Department of Health operates their system. I got a bit stranded in Villanueva because the head of their municipal health office is currently in a business trip together with the mayor to Cagayan de Oro City to visit some health offices. Because of this I waited nearly three hours just to be able to get the confirmation that I was allowed to take the data I need and mind me it was thru text that she confirmed. 

Also, earlier that moment, I was in Jasaan conducting the same data gathering and by a strike of luck and coincidence, the head of their municipal health office is also gone and this time she was in Manila for a conference. However, it was not a blockage to their service and in less than an hour I got the data I need for my research.

So now, I am asking myself how can one municipality provide me the information in a swift manner while the other one takes so much time given the fact that both their heads are gone? It is really a sad tale but it can be clearly seen that many government officers (not just DoH) are out of focus and lacks initiative. Hey, people in their let me remind that you all should be service oriented. One nurse, working in the Villanueva  health center, even reprimanded me why I asked her co-employees not her about this matter. Man, what a shame, you mean only you, knows how this health center operate and the others do not? Tsk. tsk. tsk.

I just hope that next time the government should do something to improve the quality of their service. Sometimes people tend to blame our technology and resources (the nurse keeps on telling me that Jasaan is different because they have a hospital that's why their processing of their data is faster) why service is poor but in reality it is poor because the workers itself are not putting into heart what they should be doing. Being a public servant or employee mens that you are to serve your fellow countrymen with all your passion and commitment. If you don't want to do it then I have a good work plan for you: QUIT AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Hoping for a much better government employees next time,


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  1. congrats! :D haha sorry for the late comment though. :)