Sunday, December 30, 2012


I could hear the sound of the firecrackers and the sparking of the fireworks. I could see every household with tables decorated with 13 different kinds of round fruits. I guess you know what this means?

There is no mistake, it's page 366 of 366 again! But as we are about to close another chapter in our life, there is also no denying that another one opens. Life is just a matter of open and close opportunities and guess what, 2012 had just ended. And I'm very much happy to announce that the world did not end.

To everyone, in behalf of the SCS and me, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year! 2013 na po mga kapatid! Panahaon na para gumawa nanaman ng mga resolutions na hanggang ngayon wala paring solutions. :D

Well even though I do not make resolutions myself I know for a fact that in this new year, it is really time for a change, real change. Well, meron pa naman tayong ilang pagkakataon para magbago but think again, isn't it good to start a year being a better person than yesterday? After all, I know that bitin ang 2012, I'm pretty much sure that there are still a lot thing that you wanted to try, do and experience that you haven't because of many reasons, well let 2013 be the year for them!

So this 2013, be someone else, always strive for excellence and be the change you want the world to see. Who knows 2013 might be your biggest breakthrough! Together, let's start the first page of our new chapter with colors.  

Happy New Year po ulit sa lahat!

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