Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My First J.Co Experience

I had this one great experience to share that until it really bugs me off if I can't write about it.

Last time, when I was in Manila, I was really so thrilled to buy this J.Co (Its a doughnut brand) because first of all, I heard many good commentaries about it and I myself as as food lover, I want to taste something new different aside from Krispy Kreme and Gonuts Donuts. 

So, story goes like this, upon arrival in Manila from Baguio, we quickly went to Mall of Asia and guess what? The first thing we saw was this line of people hoping to buy J.Co. products, I was terribly shock and amazed, I was like "My Goodness ui, lahat yata ng tao dito bumibili ng J.Co.". But the pain did not end there, so going with the flow, I lined hoping that it would only take some minutes but well, it did take some minutes, 120 minutes (2 hours) in all! Para akong nag-travel from CdO to Iligan! 

So what am I trying to imply? Well, aside from their product is really marketable (Ei, I'm no endorser!), the whole point is this, when we really want something, we tend to do everything for it no matter how long or how tedious it would take. I mean I could have just got out of the line and brought at the nearby doughnut shop but yet I stayed because I really wanted to taste J.Co. That simply act of perseverance is one of the key formulas in life.

You see even in simple ways, we can learn a lot of things!

Thanks J.Co for the wonderful doughnuts and lesson in life. I'll be seeing you in CdO but I hope only the doughnuts not the line!

A sugary night to all,


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